snork095: dave tarrida – for your ears only

Straight through your veins – that’s how we like techno and that’s his prime discipline. Dave Tarrida once again proves his sense for legendary blunt techno sound. Without hesitating, he smashes out 4 tearing tracks as his new album release on Snork Enterprises. It’s like he unveils a relentless confession for genuine nonstop techno sound. […]

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jlv001: various – constellation 01 ep

This is Jupiter label’s first vinyl only release, with a collaboration EP of five Underground House Music artists from the North of UK. Each artist offering their unique take on Modern House Music – Deep, Tech and Soulful influences within the different tracks. A1-Rewurk Ft. Ed Mahoo – Keep Your Body Movin’ / A2-Born2Groove – […]

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bondage12045: ntfo – esperantza ep

Sintope bosses NTFO return to Bondage Music this May to deliver a combination of digital and vinyl only productions in the form of their ‘Esperantza’ EP. Following an impressive break through year in 2009, Romanian duo Dani and Robert aka NTFO have since gone on to carve out an impressive resume within the world of […]

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wsr004: sebastian beus – the day after ep

The German Sebastian Beus, based in Ibiza-Spain, get out with “The day after” EP for his debut on Wats Records. The EP expresses widely his personal and professional paths combining theoretical background with personal and artistic maturity and represents a mix of three distinctive aspects of his life: an open vision, a certain freedom, a […]

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art21001: various – folder 001

Folder 001 is the presentation EP of ART21. This first Ep includes themes from four great artists, Click Box, Lectromeda, Puritan and SHNGL. It consists of four pieces, two with a more Techno style, Random Session and OM 40, and two more of Acid style, Horse Phase and remix. Cover Art created by Matías Al […]

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hill003: crossmods, edmundy, j wax – hil003

The Dundee label has produced their first vinyl release which contains hypnotic-electro tracks on both sides. Side-A comes from the French-duo, Crossmods who have supplied three guaranteed dance floor- fillers with a snappy electronic feel throughout. On the flip-side, Edmundy and J Wax have taken care of supplying two equally intricate melodic electro tracks to […]

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nazca004: begun – slum ep part 1

This fourth vinyl is divided in 2 parts; the first one collects the recording that beGun, a Viracocha, used to thank the Nazca people. His cargo culto is a record, a journey, a chapter narrated through 2 original songs that are completed by 2 remixes, the first one by the magic Viracocha El Búho, and […]

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umx006: various – electronic circus

Side A a long electro track from BRZ arranged with happy and positive elcetro vibes , BRZ is coming from the Tekno scene and produced this track exclusive for UMX. Side B starts with an offbeat electro track from Paulus8 this track takes you to another world . B2 is a dark vibed electro track […]

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