lul011: feathered sun – two journeys

Salty shores of a deep blue sea, mountain tops with blinding hats and wrapped up greenery in reoccurring patterns. Three places, two journeys, heavenly lit in gentle warmth by the Feathered Sun. A collaboration of impressive beauty and beautiful impressions: Acid Pauli, Christopher Schwarzwalder, Jo.Ke, Nu and Raz Ohara take us, you, me, Luise by […]

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bfm025: various – kapitel 5

BlackFoxMusic is celebrating its 10th birthday with its 25th release. Our new compilation “Kapitel 5” comes in a rebellious outfit, but holds a variety of electronic music. As usual it features eight exclusive tracks from exceptional artists, who haven’t released on BlackFoxMusic before together with brand new music from our well-know label artists: Douglas Greed […]

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utg6: mathias schaffhäuser – abyss reworked

There comes the time, when you encounter something so great, you throw your principles overboard just to live up to it. So here you go with the first UNDERtheGROUND record where we simply couldn’t hide the source. It’s our first non-white label. And we are happy to break our own rules for this astonishing techno […]

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