nazca004: begun – slum ep part 1

This fourth vinyl is divided in 2 parts; the first one collects the recording that beGun, a Viracocha, used to thank the Nazca people. His cargo culto is a record, a journey, a chapter narrated through 2 original songs that are completed by 2 remixes, the first one by the magic Viracocha El Búho, and […]

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umx006: various – electronic circus

Side A a long electro track from BRZ arranged with happy and positive elcetro vibes , BRZ is coming from the Tekno scene and produced this track exclusive for UMX. Side B starts with an offbeat electro track from Paulus8 this track takes you to another world . B2 is a dark vibed electro track […]

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evdltd010: jonas kopp – blue gate

Evod Music is honored to welcome Jonas Kopp, one of the most inspiring artists of the latest years. He needs no presentation, thanks to his releases on amazing platforms such as Tresor, where he released incredible collections of amazing music. Blue Gate is a 3 tracks EP that can be considered as a recap of […]

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nwrv001: mark strain – elektronik

Elektronik by Mark Strain is a track that draws from the English IDM tradition – a dreamy and dynamic electronic track, defined by an analog drum machine and a captivating and smooth bassline. Matthus Raman remixes Elektronik by Mark Strain, keeping the same dreamy and magic atmosphere of the original track, but putting the track […]

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