feinwerkltd02: dave tarrida & tobias schmidt – endless meaningless

Two heroes of UK techno combined in one release. FEINWERK proudly presents its second vinyl Limited Edition “Endless Meaninglessness” with a smashing duo: Dave Tarrida meets Tobias Schmidt. It’s the Superman vs. Batman showdown of Brighton techno. Inevitably, five powerful tracks are paving their ways through your speaker. Right on the A-side, Tobias Schmidt presents three chapters of finest techno experimentalism from his digital release “Blonde Horror”. Rhythm and style create an acoustic weirdness with a sci-fi taste and a playground for your imagination. Turning around on the B-side, you find two of Dave Tarrida’s thrilling tracks from his digital piece “People Are Fragile”. Each of them merges colossal bass drums, driving beats and a voluminous sound conglomerate in its own way – rough and ruthless, dark but honest. Clearly, this milestone vinyl release is a blast on the turntables and an honor for each record cabinet.