rtct.004: crisco & dj chupacabra – surf & turf

Adding and connecting the bits, dots, hats and kicks once again, rtct.records invite two Italians to join forces for a shared EP. It features three tracks per artist and it’s got everything from Ambient over Lo-fi House, Acid, Techno and even Garage. Both of the artists have been making music under different names for a long time now but this release marks the launch of their new monikers: Introducing DJ Chupacabra from the mountainous north of Italy and Crisco from mediterranean Sicily. This is where the Surf & Turf theme of the EP comes into play. With this release rtct.records are taking a step forward and broaden their output after the well acclaimed deep house/disco tinged releases by Leo Woelfel, Demuja and Laroze. Artwork by Gus Nobel.