snork090: syntax error – i bought myself a party

If you are wondering what the artist wanted to tell you by choosing this title, we will give you a small hint: It’s a cynical statement on something that for sure every party promoter has experienced at some point. The rest, we will leave up to your imagination…In real life, there’s no mercy – neither is when it comes to the sound of this new Snork release by Syntax Error. The four new tracks with meaningful names are not only a social criticism and another artistic processing of the current development of the techno scene, but also a classic Syntax Error: rough, tricky and good to groove. Each track stands on its own, telling another story. “Collateral Cosmopolitan” is a straight forward piece with a highly memorable beat talking about the uniformity that is creeping in the waiting lines of more and more techno clubs. “I Wear My Grandpa’s Glasses” presents a totally dodgy sound, which might be a little oldschool and even a little irritating – just like some fashion items you encounter on today’s big city streets. “No Fog Is No Solution” is a tight song that definitely needs some good fog and a harsh strobe. And finally, the last track sounds like a futuristic fairy tale from outer space looking on the world as if it is a “Society Bathysphere”