syncretism001v: cressida – toxic masculinity

The first release of “Syncretism” is a strong declaration of techno made by Cressida. The Ep includes 4 tracks, 3 written and produced by Cressida and 1 additional mix is made by UVB. All the tracks have got a solid raw sound, an excursion between the hardest industrial, the classic UK acid sounds and new wave. The first track, Toxic Masculinity, is a punching tune characterized by raw drums, rough synth and break sequencies. Second track, the UVB Testosterone mix, represents the masculinity killer track, with a screaming human being in a dark environment. Third track, Snakecharmer, is the anthem killer track characterized by acid and big room sounds. Neurotic X represents the other side of the label where the artist experiments his tone bringing you in a post industrial and wave scenario.