utg6: mathias schaffhäuser – abyss reworked

There comes the time, when you encounter something so great, you throw your principles overboard just to live up to it. So here you go with the first UNDERtheGROUND record where we simply couldn’t hide the source. It’s our first non-white label. And we are happy to break our own rules for this astonishing techno hymn: “Abyss” by Mathias Schaffhäuser, and its remix by Patrick Zigon. “Abyss” is this one-of-a-kind combination of a straight groove and a strong voice that create nothing less but melancholic fireworks. But that’s not all. On the B-side, there’s a remix waiting, which takes this pure sound masterpiece to the next level. In his Dub Salvation remix, Patrick Zigon preserves the signature elements of the track and wraps them in a perfect sound atmosphere, adding some more drive and volume without cluttering its amazing core.